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  • One of the most important activities wherein our country has always had great success is the industrial fishery and is in this area where FAMIA has placed special emphasis since the extraction stage, where it's necessary to furnish the crafts modern equipment, internal conveying systems, processing area, etc., until its unloading at the meal plants.
  • Complete Fishmeal Plants.
  • Supply of complete plants of all capacity, under imported and own patens with utmost technology.
  • Cookers, new and second hand presses, indirect steam dryers, hot air drying systems, falling film stick water plant, made to suit.
  • Static and shaking drains, mesh conveyors, electronic weighing hoppers, drag and bucket elevators, screw conveyors, pre strainers, conveying lines and pneumatic cooling.
  • Pumping water solids recovery with equipment of utmost technology.
  • Tanks, cyclones, fans, ducts, chutes, pipelines, structures in general.
  • Fish unloading pumps.
  • Infrastructure in general.



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