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Famia has developed specialized technology embracing acknowledged brands under the owned mark AGROTEC, whose supply is made up of machinery and equipment, hammer mills, horizontal and vertical mixers, screens, cleaners, pelletizers, etc., as well as banana, cassava and other tubers starch plants, all oriented towards turnkey projects. In this sector we've joined with the American enterprise GSI., Grain Storage Silos System, whose products consist of corrugated and galvanized steel sheets, feeding and transportation system, extractors, aeration systems, inner temperature gauges and level indicators.
Our capacity ranges from 50 ton up to 18,000 ton.

We have developed our own technology in the production of starch out of bananas, sweet potato, and potato. We have already sold 4 plants for the production of starch in Perú.

Famia is taking part into the Sugar Industry, in our country there will be carried out important investments in this sector. In this field there has not been renewal of equipment for 40 years. This renewal coincides with the great development of the Agriculture Sugar field whose moderate estimates forecast around new 60,000 Has of sugar cane; this figure surpassing largely the actual capacity of the crops, making necessary their expansion and the installation of new equipment. There are projects for the construction of completely new sugar plants, and the renewal of the old plants recently privatized.
We have signed a punctual agreement with the very well known Sugar Company FIVES CAIL, for the construction of new sugar plants. FIVES CAIL is part of the FIVES LILLE group, and is one of the largest and more important companies in the world for the design, construction and erection of sugar plants.



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