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The Peru traditionally was a great producing of sugar in America, entering in a deep crisis agriculture - industrial starting from the year 1975. At the moment important projects are developing to produce sugar with modern technology. In this interesting scenario Famia Industrial CORP. in June 1998 signed an agreement of production with the noted company FCB (Fives Cail Badcock) - France, to give teams and complete geniuses to produce sugar with tip technology, using the mill system - trapiche through the system of shredding and mills with which a high yield of extraction of juice is gotten and I eat consequence of it you ends up producing sugars of the highest quality.

At the moment FCB when having acquired Fletcher of England has become FC Group, consolidating its unquestionable leadership at international level with who we have agreement to complete the projects of geniuses of sugar, with the production of Famia Industrial CORP. of: drivers, shredding, mills, evaporadores, clarifiers, crystallizing, dryers - cooler, transporters, continuous and discontinuous tachos, as well as infrastructure and steel buildings. The supply of Famia Industrial CORP. also includes the assembly and setting in march of the plants of low sugar the technical address of FC Group of France. Our engineers have received preparation in the facilities of France



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